ALL of us in the family are sick. Zi ern isnt spared either since rou ern loves to plant kisses on her little sister. Situation isnt so good.. Hope the bug will leave us soon.

Just something exciting (at least for me) to share. Rou Ern is FINALLY pacifier free!!!!! After being dependent on it for 4 long years.. I finally saw the silver lining! Haha!

Many of her peers have already weaned it off when they were like 1.5 to 2 years old. I didn’t know how to do it without her getting into a cold turkey state and I didn’t want to try methods such as cutting a hole or applying chili oil on the pacifier. I simply didn’t have the heart to do so. There were many times I talked to her about ditching the pacifier away; telling her that pacifier is not forever etc… But seeing her reaction as I broached the subject; I chose to “postpone” it till a later time.

What made it happen was because she has been keeping really late nights (sucking away her pacifier and playing her ipad) and each time when it was REALLY time for her to sleep (past midnight) she would cry (with the pacifier still in her mouth) it made me upset because each time she does that i will have 2 crying babies (zi ern and rou ern) and because of her refusal to sleep, the sleep deprived me cant sleep too. So I thought it was an opportune time to try again.
Me: ern.
RE: (sobbing)
Me: you have been sleeping very late every night and your dudu (pacifier) doesn’t seem to help you get to sleep. It’s time to stop using it.
RE: (still sobbing) because I’m a big girl now? Okay..
(At this point, I almost relented but thankfully Ee fann asked me to be firm)

And so that’s the end of the story. From that night (4 nights ago) on she stopped using it and did not even ask for it.

Back to the crying part when it was time to sleep. I found out that it was due to her fear of darkness. (Night light doesnt work) So now I will only switch off the lights after she sleeps and she is fine with that.

Sunday evening after their nap, we went out for dinner and got her a present as a form of celebration.
And that’s it! In fact, as I have been observing, she sleeps better at night without her pacifier. Now she doesn’t have to fumble at night to find her pacifier. Well done baby!


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