Didn’t have a fantastic start this morning as I realised that my car was broken into when we drove out this morning to ern’s arts class. Cash card, touch and go card and coupons were missing total amount is more than $200. Upon reaching art bug, realised that there isn’t class this week as its still school holiday (I thought it was only a one week break but it was two weeks.)

Went to police station to make a report which took 2 hours. Ended up with a sleepy baby and a hungry ern. Not exactly the best situation to be in. In fact, the investigation took longer but Ee fann stayed behind after our quick lunch and I took the children home.

The children slept almost as soon as they hit the bed and I too took a short rest. As soon as they woke up, I decided to “save” the rest of our Saturday and do something enjoyable. So we baked. With the exception of measuring the ingredients, ern did the rest of the job. It’s our first time baking muffins. We didn’t know how much to scoop into each cupcake liners so ern topped it to the brim. It looked a little too heavy on the top. Next time we will fill it 4/5th instead. Here’s the end result:


Chocolate chip muffins! (Chocolate chip: courtesy of Leona)

It’s yummy! A sweet ending to my otherwise horrible Saturday? ; )

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