At 9 months

Going 10 months soon … At nine months zi ern crawls like a champion, pulls herself up to a standing position, she loves doing that especially to reach for things above her height. She is a curious little baby with absolutely no fear at all and hence she gets into minor accidents quite often. Somehow for this one I’m more relaxed and ain’t too anxious when she falls. When we had Rou ern it was a different story. Every accident of hers (minor or major) will make us feel so bad. I suppose most second or third time parents are like that. Do you call it “experienced parent”? Hmmmm… That’s for her physical development.

Emotional development: She is very attached to me and cries when I’m out of her sight. At times I will leave her with my helper when I ferry ern to school, she crawls to my room and cries immediately when she don’t see me. Her other favourite person is my mum whom takes care of her when I’m out and about. As for Ee fann, he has always been the next best alternative after my mum but he being a “weekend parent” is not too good with babies.. And to zi ern, Rou ern is her best buddy. They are without a doubt very in love with each other. I don’t have a sister so I don’t know how having a sister feels like but looking at them; it’s nothing short of AWESOME.

Food: Am still giving her puréed food as she takes to it better. Unlike Rou ern, who is always ready for new food and semi solids, I have to slowly introduce new food to this one. Her favourite food so far:
Apple and pear purée
Pumpkin purée
Peach purée
Carrot purée
Avocado and peach/banana purée
Tou fu
Congee (not porridge)
When we bring her out for meals we do let her have table food as well. Carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, noodles etc… Zi ern generally sits very well during meal times and doesn’t fuss as long as there is company. I remember ern needs to carried out of her chair after a short while . That is quite a stark difference that we have observed.

Weight: should be 9kg.

Language: the more pronounced ones are “da da” I’m not sure but many says it means daddy / papa. Ern didn’t go through that stage her’s was “pa pa”. Also when desperate zi ern asks for milk by saying very clearly “neh neh” (milk)
{Edit}Today 1st April, she called me “papa”. Initially I wasnt sure if its me that she’s calling but she called me several times “papa”. Hmmmm….

Teeth: She finally has 2 lower central incisor!

Some random pictures:







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