Balloon Sculptor

We were at Star Vista Exchange on good friday with my in laws for lunch and there was a promotional fair and some activities for Easter Day celebration.

One of the more popular activity station were egg painting because you get to get a balloon from the balloon sculptor after that! I sat with Rou ern for the egg painting and zi ern gradually fell asleep. The queue for the balloon wasn’t that long but waiting time took quite a while mainly because the balloon sculptor made EVERY effort to entertain the children and this guy, name is Russell has got talent. See how happy he made my princess… (And many others too I’m sure!)







That’s right, she requested for an octopus! And it floats!!!! So while we were walking around the mall with ern parading her Octopus, a group of ladies asked for a picture with her.


We went back again that evening as ern wanted to get another balloon for zi ern. Unfortunately we were late and everything has ended. Anyway, we are very sure ern had loads of fun!


So did zi ern.


We have met many balloon sculptors before and are truly impressed with this one!

Call him for your children’s birthday parties!
Name: Russell
Mobile: 8322 8082


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