10 months

It’s her 10th month! Some little updates… We weren’t that sure when she started calling us but now that she has said it quite frequently we are sure that she calls me “ma ma” calls Ee fann “ba ba” and Rou ern “jie jie” (sounds more like zh-air zh-air) and will tell me “ma ma neh neh” or simply “neh neh”. She is pretty amazing huh? In fact today she said “daddy” on a repeat mode. okay that one (daddy) should be a one off thing because in this house the father is called “ba ba”.

She crawls around the house all day, exploring (messing up) every little things, pulls herself to a standing position to see what’s above her, using her powerful hand and swipe away (coffee table) everything that’s in sight. I don’t remember ern being so “busy” at her age.

Now that we have a dog at home, it made things a little trickier because zi ern is also very curious with the dog. The only problem is she pulls the poor dog’s ears and pulls out his fur! That obviously didn’t sit very well with an old jack Russell! So each time zi ern is near the dog I gotta be there just to make sure her approach is a gentle one.

Tomorrow we will be flying off to SFO for a week to settle some administrative work and then off again in June! So looking forward to both trips. I need a change of weather! I’m praying that zi ern is okay with the long flight. And with minimum jet-lag please…

Will update again! ; )



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