Teething(upper incisor) and our Sunday

Just felt her upper gums and yeap her upper incisor is out. That probably explains why she hasn’t been eating much if at all for the past few days.

Looks like my request for her to extend her “Baby-ness” has been flatly rejected. Am going to MISS her toothless grins…

Oh well…

Today’s weather is great to stay in. And even better to do some messy stuff which I normally won’t do in a hot and humid weather as it just makes me a little more impatient and if you mix this with a messy activity together, it’s a deadly formula to a human time bomb.


Rou ern and I have been working on a unit study on trees the past week (in line with what her school is teaching at the moment) and it has been very enjoyable.


We did some observation on trees, plucked different leaves for comparison, did some tree bark rubbing, she read the book “the giving tree in school” and we talked about the book, similarities between the tree (in the book) and mothers, uses of trees, picked some barks, identified a few common trees in Singapore, did some art work on apple trees, picked some branches.. Generally talked about the world we live in and the importance of trees and how we can help save the trees… We collated all these and put it nicely into a folder. Rou ern brought it to school and I was told by her teachers that she did an amazing impromptu show and tell. Will upload some pictures of her work next week as her teacher wanted to keep her file till then.


And so today we continued with the “tree activity” but this time, we got zi ern involved too.


This is a totally edible “paint”. Just some flour, water and food coloring. And from the looks of it, think she enjoyed eating it more than working with it.


This time I wanted her to feel (taste) a more gooey texture as compared to the usual paint she used (ate) at artbug during her baby bug class. (Yes we just signed her up yesterday!)


See? It’s messy. But pictures like these captured (on my iPhone? *Slaps myself hard) will be cherished. ; )


And there… The main artist who is enjoying working alongside her sidekick .


Evening time is off to Gardens By The Bay for Tulip Mania. It brought me memories if Amsterdam.


There she is, wearing a bright a cheery colour to match (blend in) the pretty flowers.


These wooden clogs are easily seen in Amsterdam but they are much bigger there! I remember taking a picture with a few crews sitting inside the clogs. (Yes that big!)


Some artistic shot… This was taken with zi ern inside the carrier and she was so busy trying to grab and pull out the flowers so this shot was taken with alot of struggle.


Did I forget to mention that this garden is one of her favorite? She loves gardens by the bay and of course flowers too. So coming to this garden to enjoy their imported flowers are a sure win combo.


Finally a picture to end the post. This is exactly what you will see in Amsterdam (it totally gives you the feel here) and what you will see in Amsterdam is a much much much much LARGER scale.

Goodnight. Hope u had a wonderful weekend.


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