Not her day uh

First there was this:


Minor accident at NTUC this morning.

Got a little cut at her upper lip.

She stayed home today as she was having a slight fever. (And cough) her cough got worse in the late morning so I took her to see doctor in the afternoon. We waited for 2 hours … Ended up with a sleepy and cranky baby whilst ern had high fever just before we left the clinic. Talk about good timing! Had to rush home (safely) to feed her medicine and put them both to nap.

As mothers will know, fever will come back again and again and this means sleepless nights for me.

Hope that ern gets well real soon… Because these 2 sticks to each other like magnets. (North pole and South Pole) Germs sharing are not allowed!!

Oh! BUT … She came back with these:

One of the nurses at the clinic always ALWAYS have something for her. ; )


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