Mother’s Day

This year’s mother’s day feels especially special. It’s just so different from past years… In fact I’ve been basking with lots of love for the entire week.

Firstly there were 2 beautiful children to be happy about. Friends who have known me many years ago would know how much I hated them… Till I have my own…

ZE “made” something for me during her artbug session and the teachers graciously wrapped them up and presented to us during Mother’s Day. It was some “abstract art” with her footprint done on canvas!

RE’s school had been working on Mother’s Day “surprise” for the entire week and for the first few days when I picked her up, she will reveal the secret thing that they were doing in school for the mothers. That kept me in anticipation till Wednesday when I picked her up; expecting her to tell me the final “surprise” she told me this “mummy, it’s a secret. I’m not supposed to tell you!” That kept me in suspense.

On Friday, she presented me with this


A picture of us. How not to melt?

Then on the actual day…. She did this:


She came up to me, did a star jump and shouted “Happy Mother’s Day!!” Next, I received an email from school, sending us a short video clip of the children singing a Mother’s Day song. (With Action!!) am extremely touched.

And also… Just before ee fann left for Malaysia, he had preordered some flowers sent to me ; )



RE has been really sweet.. She kept wishing me happy Mother’s Day and said countless “I love you”. Actually RE always says “I love you” a few times everyday but that day was a little more. ; )

Never knew I could be this happy being a mother to them. I wish they are just as happy having me as their mother. (I think so. No?)


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