Dengue scare

Last week the fever started and few days later it got quite bad. Her fever could reach 40 degrees easily and kept coming back. Then she complained of bad tummy ache and subsequently her watery stool (due to antibiotic) turned dark green in colour. It didn’t help that there were more than 10 mossie bites on her body.

So we (I) decided to admit her on Saturday night. Took blood test etc and thank god dengue result was negative. It was a kind of bacteria infection. In fact before admission she has been to 3 doctors. The last PD pretty much nailed the problem. We took X ray there and Dr Ngiam (gleneagles) added in another antibiotic to her current one and told us that if her fever does not subside in the next 48 hours, admission would be necessary. But I just couldn’t wait for the full 48 hours as RE isn’t showing much symptoms of recovery so we admitted her 12 hours short of the full 48 hours. I made that decision because her fever is still scary high (39 to 40) and I needed to be sure it isn’t other complications. Basically just wanted to be in safe hands.

After admission, they managed to break the fever and her condition stabilized since. I suppose during the night of admission she was already at the peak of the illness and on the road to recovery. But still – better to err on the side of caution. As I’m writing now, they just collected her urine for testing. (Just to rule out UTI) They also tested her stools – something which wasn’t possible before because she was still on diapers then.

One of her most loved friend came to visit. I wasn’t there when her friend (Ryan) came as I had to make my way home to feed ZE milk (she refuses the bottle.. What’s new?) when I came back, I saw this:


Sweet right…

We are hoping to be discharged tomorrow!

*edited 21st May*

We are now back at home!
Look what surprise were installed for Rou Ern this afternoon when we were still in the hospital:






Leona, Alicia, thanks for the love ; )


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