Home learning – rainforest

Her school is currently doing a unit study on rainforest so before we did anything for our extended learning at home, a visit to the library is a must.

Borrowed a couple of fiction and non fiction books related to the rainforest of course. Started reading them and as soon as we are “ready”, we proceeded to the super market, picked up 2 discarded boxes, walked around the nearby garden, picked up broken branches and went on to purchase some safari toobs and started on it right away. We took a couple of days to complete it and had lots of fun setting it up.

Ern did most of the paint job, and we talked about different animals living in the different stratas, what they eat, how they move and also about how the rainforest feel (damp, dense and dark) and looked like but I suppose it won’t suffice without a walk through the rainforest. (We should be doing that real soon) she is especially thrilled when we added the butterflies towards the later stage.

As I wanted to raise my children to be more environmentally aware, we talked about the importance of the rainforest, the habitat of the animals, how we can save the rainforest etc.. However I don’t think I want to talk about deforestation yet. It’s much too heavy for her to bear on her little shoulders. Not for now.

So here it is:





Canopy and emergent


So what do you think?

*edited 22nd may*

We also did “fruit satay” (that was done few days before she was admitted to hospital) an idea we got from her school. Using fruits that can be found in the rainforest. (Dragon fruit, guava, mango and banana) Working those fine motor skills there..



As for ZE, she is enjoying the “fruits of the labour”.


So where is the rainforest diorama?

Ern took it to school and did an impromptu show and tell. Now it is still in school on display ; )


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