Preschool by the park

It’s almost time for us to say goodbye. I felt a little sad as I dropped the final cheque into the “cheque box” for her final month in school.(For the month of June)

Though she only started this year Feb, I am totally convinced that this is the right school for her.

Some of the things that I look out for (besides the usual student to teacher ratio, hygiene, proximity etc) was it has to be play based (no worksheets), absolutely no overcrowding.

What pleasantly surprised me after she started school was EVERY teacher in school knows and greets her by her name. Even teachers that doesn’t teach her. It really gave me a home away from home feel. They are always so warm and cheerful. To further give the children the home away from home feel; they need not be in uniforms (best!) except when they go on excursions and because of this reason, ern loves to wear her uniform.

Speaking of excursions. They have AT LEAST one excursion every month. Children love outings don’t they?

We receive email updates every now and then. Updates with pictures of what they have been doing in school and of course pictures of their adventures outside of school. Marketing gimmicks you say? It obviously works because I LOVE it! There are also weekly updates on what the class will be doing each week and I made use of that to do extended learning at home and subsequently she brings what she does at home for her show and tell. As she understands what we did at home (extended learning) there is no need to “prepare” her on what to say. It comes naturally and enthusiastically. (The “today I want to talk about…” method … lets not go there. She dislikes it.)

Every month there will be a themed communal party where ALL the children in the school will gather in the garden and mingle together. For the month of May, the theme was masquerade party and I sewed her a felt penguin mask as per her request.

I suppose every parent had to fill in some forms concerning the child during enrollment? Questions such as what does the child like to do? I wrote that she loves to reading and enjoys painting. During the first week of school there was a day (it happened only once) she cried after I left the school. I was told that they took her to the reading corner and read a book together. That calmed her down. They even took her to the garden for a walk. I was touched by such dedication and thoughtfulness. And from that day on, I know for a fact that ern is in good hands.

They do their morning exercise before proceeding to the playground. They look sooooo cute doing the star jump! Because of the greeneries around, the teachers apply mosquito repellent on them. These little details counts. (This piece of information was from ern.)

Every Friday is ern’s favourite hip hop dance. It’s all included in the school fees. We don’t have to pay any extra for any other classes besides the optional music class (for K1 and K2)and excursions of course.

Lastly, we never had to convince her to go to school. She likes it there and updates me lots when I pick her up. “Mummy! I planted a seed today!” “We made clouds. Rain clouds.” “Mummy! We are going for excision! Sign the form! Sign it!”. “Mummy can u help me get the book that teacher read today pls?” “Today we used a big leave to shade us from the hot sun. Like an umbrella.” …

Bonus point: there are only 17 children in her class. If you had been reading my blog, you will know this is really important to me. ^^

Finding the right school can be quite daunting. I hope you found the school you and your child loves too!

3 thoughts on “Preschool by the park

  1. Hi,
    May I know which school does Ern go to? I’m very much looking for a play based preschool as the current school that my child attends is very much academic base. Would be appreciate if you could share the info. Thank you very much in advance.

  2. Hi are your kids still w preschool by the park at shelford? I am intending to register my child there. Grateful if u could email me with any sharing. Thanks!

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