Play date – bear workshop

It’s not easy (logistically) to plan a play date when it involves 4 families and we did it finally!

It is ern’s first bear workshop and I thought she will enjoy the process but as it turns out, she just wants to get it done and over with and join her friends in whatever games that they were playing. But who can blame her? They haven’t met for months!

(Stuffing the dog she chose)

We had ours stuffed real hard as Ee fann planned to put it on skates for ern’s dog. We can go back to stuff it again anytime we want as there’s a lifetime warranty. Cool huh?

(Giving it a heart. How cute is that?)

There’s a ritual to it. “Rub it against your cheek so it will too have rosy cheeks” “rub it against your eyes so it will too have big beautiful eyes” etc… At this point ern is way too distracted. So distracted that she skipped the bathing of the dog and went to chase her friends. But she did pick an outfit for her dog. Princess belle. ; )

After dinner the children went for a train ride!

(Waiting in the queue)

(They took the last train ride)

It’s not the children’s first train ride independently by themselves. They had taken train rides in Lego land (Malaysia) and fire engine (Kidzania – Kuala Lumpur) but its the first time they were completely out of our line of vision. The train ride lasted about 10 minutes and it went around vivo city. While waiting, the adults chilled at Starbucks.

They resumed their play immediately after the ride.

(Walking the dog)

(Checking if the dog is alright after the walk)


Ern and Victoria basically stuck together throughout the gathering. They even accompanied each other into the cubicle and has endless things to say. Even when answering nature’s call.

(That’s the best shot I can get)

As usual when it’s time to part ern can never bear to leave her friends… Till the next meet up! Soon!!!


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