Want to raise a genius kid?

Do arts with them.

I have personally met a few parents telling me that doing arts at home with the child or even sending them to arts class is a waste of time and resources as it is deemed “impractical”. Some tell me that the child’s school does it as part of the curriculum and hence it is deemed “unnecessary”.

In the fast paced world that we are living now, it IS necessary and it IS “practical” to do it. I did some research on it and the benefits are endless. Let me share some of my findings with you.

First of all, children naturally love arts. They unleash such talent anywhere. They draw on the wall… the draw on the bedsheet… they use your favorite lipstick to doodle on the mirror… ok.. you get the picture. It is not about making your child paint like Picasso. It is the process of creating — exploring, discovering, and experimenting that really matters. I remember there was once ern drew a picture of me on the wall. She was so excited to show me and of course I was horrified to see what she had done to the wall. My first thought was “OMG! Our landlord is popping by this evening!” Then the second thought “Okay it’s not so bad. Chill. It’s not permanent markers. it’s just crayons. Most importantly. It’s me that’s on the wall.” So yes I praised her work and till today it is STIll on the wall.

If you are a believer of right brain training, this may interest you.

“Physiologically, the human brain consists of 2 parts, the left and the right hemisphere. The left brain is used in logical thinking and analytical processes. (math, reading and science)

The right brain is used in emotional perception, intuition and creativity. It is the right brain that is mainly used when a person is involved in creative endeavors such as making art. It is this part of the brain that typical school environment neglects to train.

It is shown that when gifted kids solve problems in their areas of giftedness, there is increased electrical activity in both hemispheres. It appears that for the brain to be efficient, the two hemispheres of the brains must work together. By stimulating and exercising the right hemisphere of the brain, the arts strengthen the connection between the hemispheres. Kids should be exposed to the arts as their cognitive skills mature so that their right brain will be as developed as the left, and both hemispheres work in tandem, thus achieving the full potential of the mind.” source: http://www.raisesmartkid.com/3-to-6-years-old/4-articles/33-benefits-of-arts-to-kids

Add arts to your right brain activities at home.

Picture taken in art bug. Seconds before class starts.

Picture taken in art bug. Seconds before class starts.

In that article, it mentions problem solving. When children explore art ideas, they are testing possibilities and working through challenges.

How can I balance this thing? will a shorter string work better?This sticky tape is not holding very well. What can I use instead?What happened? How did I end up with orange?

Of course everyone knows that it promotes fine motor skills. Working with scissors, using the paintbrush to make the desired stroke, squeezing of glue in a controlled manner etc… Self expression and creativity. A child may not have the words to express himself and he uses arts as a platform to do so.

There was a period of my life when all seems so bad and ern, in order to cheer me up, drew me beautiful colouful hearts. Ern is good with words but she chose to express her love to me through pictures.

To me this pictutes says, “no matter what happens, there will always be papa, mummy, ern ern and mei mei” (as seen with the 4 hearts.)

happy hearts

happy hearts

Increased concentration. If you have ever walked into an arts class, you will definitely witness the children toil on an creation ever so single-mindedly with only one objective in mind. Many young people are easily distracted and the main culprits are video games and televisions. Arts encourages them to ignore distractions and focus on task.

deep concentration

deep concentration

Ability to complete projects.

Not many people can take projects through completion. There is a tendency to leave things unfinished. Art allows children to completely immerse themselves in the piece of art they are working on and therefore they derive a sense of personal joy from competing their work. Just few days back, I was trying real hard to convince ern to skip her class at art bug that Saturday as she wasn’t feeling well and she flatly refused to listen. In her words “NO! I want to go for my arts class. Today I need to make the candles for my cake.” (They are halfway through a clay work and they needed to make candles to complete the cake which she made last week) and she followed with “I need to hurry otherwise we will be late.” I believe this is part of character building which will pay dividends throughout their adult lives. I can go on and on about the benefits of doing arts at home. Our home has a mini artfriend cum daiso which my dear husband calls them “junk”. But if having mini Daiso or artfriend or “junk” isn’t your idea of a cosy home, then do consider sending them to an arts school. When we searched for an arts school for ern, besides proximity, one of the key considerations was the work of the children. We want uniqueness and creativity in the children’s work. When we see the painting or drawings of the children looking similar, we know that thats not the school we want.

Ern absolutely loves art bug. She was NEVER late for her class. In fact she was always always early. She walks in happily, and after being warmly greeted by the staff there, she goes around checking in on every room just to observe new paintings or crafts featured that week. She feels totally at home because the staff at art bug made everyone feels that way. The teachers there are awesome…. not only do they know their stuff, they are also very good with children and takes their time with them. A typical session in rou ern’s class will usually end with story time. And in zi ern’s baby bug class … well she is at the exploring stage… 20130604-001732.jpg

We just finished our final lesson with them as we will be leaving for America in June. Ern has been there for 5 terms and zi ern had a short but enjoyable stint there. If you are interested to find out more, why not sign up a trial class? Or even better, sign up their June holiday program!

51 Waterloo street
#02-04/5 Singapore 187969
Tel: 6338 1920


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