Science centre – mega bugs

Totally awesome experience. Especially the mega bugs 3D show. It’s a must visit if you haven’t already done it.

Ern was thrilled to finally see the new born caterpillar eating its egg shell first before munching on the juicy leaves! (The baby caterpillar was so cute!) The images were super magnified and as such the visual appeal was perfect. Very interesting documentary I must say. The whole show took about 45 mins and it went through the life cycle of the butterfly, gives children a good feel of the food chain, it show cased different insects (praying mantis, rhinoceros beetle, caterpillar, bee.. Just to name a few) and how some of them camouflage itself in the rainforest and lots more. Ern was so excited and kept asking questions throughout the movie.

Zi ern was cooperative and sat through the movie without much fuss. When the movie ended ern kept asking for more. : )

Here are some pictures taken while we were at the exhibition area:

(Save me!)







Details of the movie and exhibition can be found here

She did this drawing. Most likely inspired by the 3D movie ; )



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