It’s comforting to be home again

It has been a roller coaster week (stressful) and we have finally moved out. After the movers shifted out all the boxes, the unit was left exactly how it looked like 2.5 years ago.

We shifted in 2.5 years ago with lots of anticipation, happiness and plans. I set up MY very own Christmas tree here, held parties here, had my own kitchen. Basically a place where I call home and to move out from my comfort zone isn’t so straight forward. This is by far the longest period we have ever stayed in a unit. I will miss this place, the memories and the convenience of a mall right next to us. And looking forward, we will be creating new memories again when we reach America. But before that, let us take a break and snuggle back at my parent’s abode for the next 10 days.

I am physically tired and mentally exhausted now and having my parents to tend to the children… I couldn’t ask for more.

Found some stuff while packing up my good old room this afternoon:

(Names of the crew members on board)

(I always had this dream that I went on flight without my name tag, nails unpainted and hair in a mess)


Memories .. Lots of memories… Maybe that’s the reason why I always feel so comforted back here. Every turn, every corner is full of memories.

The children and I waited for the ice cream man to sound the bell and I hurried down to get ice cream for all. We all sat down (my parents too) on the floor and ate together – “picnic style” as Rou Ern would put it.

(Juicing vegetable and fruit juice)

(Munching on apples)

(Ern went about finding stuff to play with)

Ern is quite happy here. She treats this as a holiday before another holiday. Zi ern is happy to have my mum around and I’m sure my parents too are very happy to have us around before we fly off. As for me, there is no place like home. ; )

More pictures found:

(With my fav team. Guess where were we? Look at the billboards)

(In India. We walked alongside slumps to get to this restaurant. The sight there makes us (me) felt so ashamed.)

(In Japan. I was totally drunk. This picture was taken just minutes before I decided to jump on my Inflight supervisor’s back (man in the picture) and landed hard on the floor. We finished all our wine bottles and emptied the hotel’s beer vending machine. We are a “drinking team” which means the whole set of crew will gather in a room and drink till the nxt morning.)

(That’s me when I first started flying. Think less than a year)

Happy weekend!!


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