I miss the rain

It is only until now that I realize I have been taking clean air for granted. I know I’m not the only one with that thought.

I saw the layer of ash on my car today and couldn’t bear the thought of having these into my children’s lungs. Especially Rou ern’s. The poor girl has started coughing since yesterday and with her weak constitution due to sensitive airways; ern’s condition will only get worse. And as such, we will be leaving Singapore a day earlier. I wish we could flee like right this moment but unfortunately, flights are all full. Well that early departure of 24 hours still means a lot.

At the very very least we still have clean water supply. Drink up everyone! Flush away the toxins that we had breathed in. It’s not just burnt wood ashes, but also dust, pollen … And god knows what else!


Take care everyone!!!!


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