She is O.N.E

Time flies when u have a kid. Time flies even faster when you have two. Where did that 12 months went?! Think it sneaked by when I was busy changing one of her many diapers? Or maybe it went by when I was kissing her face, nose and feet? Or perhaps it escaped when we were playing peekaboos? Hmmm… It may have left without notice when we were singing songs? But one thing is for sure, I am loving her more and more everyday.

How should we celebrate this awesome baby’s one year old? We did it the quiet way. Just the way we like. A simple dinner.



On a seperate occasion, We also celebrated my mum’s birthday together with Zi Ern’s since their birthdays are just a day away. I know… Lots of people don’t like sharing birthdays but definitely not the grandmas.



Thank you for the 12 wonderful months you gave all of us and many more to come. Though we can’t promise you life to be a bed of roses but if ever life runs you down, just look over your shoulders and we will always always be there.

Happy birthday my dear Zi Ern, we love you ALWAYS.


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