The mayhem before we left

It was more like a nightmare of sort. We had plans to do some visiting before we leave. Then the crazy haze kept us indoor and to add on to the craziness, both girls started having high fever. Initially we thought its likely caused by the haze but when the temperature shot up to ABOVE 41 degrees the following day, we decided to admit both of them with the intention of a faster recovery.. Unfortunately the virus got to me during the third day of our stay in the hospital. As if taking care of 2 sick children isn’t enough on my plate. However on hindsight I’m glad I got the virus.

When I knew I was down I went to A&E and after some testing, the results for influenza type A was positive. (Some sort of bird flu) So “yay”!! We just needed to let the virus run its course though I must say that this time it’s quite bad. I knew what the children is going through literally.Not just the high fever, it too came with the terrible chills, drippy nose, sore throat, cough, body ache etc… Basically everything.

Zi ern got it worst. In addition to all the symptoms mentioned, she also had diarrhea (it’s bad. Like 8 times a day or more at its worst days) and she also lost her voice. These are just symptoms. She too had to deal with the experience with the nurses. The drawing of blood (she was screaming with eyes wide open) and the constant intrusion to the ears when they take her temperature and the force feeding of medicine. Witnessing these my heartache is worse than my body ache!

As for Rou Ern, except the drawing of blood and finger prick, she is quite cool with everything else. One trick I used for the needle prick was I told her that “it’s just black ant trying to bite you not the fierce red ants.” And it worked well.

Im the “luckiest” one. I was prescribed tamiflu which reduced almost all the symptoms quite immediately. The children cannot be treated with the same medication due to its side effects. Their high fever lasted seven freaking days.

The moment the fever is below 39, we asked to be discharged and flew off the following morning. Sound like madness?? At some point, I was too exhausted and I didn’t really know what I was doing exactly. The last bit of packing after being discharged was done in a blur. But with the help of my parents, it was slightly easier.


We took the early morning flight and although still in a blur mode, it was nice to see an entourage of people sending us off.

During the flight, because they were still having fever, zi ern slept through the 2 sectors and Rou ern too were well rested. And I too managed to rest quite abit.

They have since fully recovered and we have settled in nicely. (Sort of)

Wait for the next update!


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