Alpine Inn

That’s the venue where our first TGIF was held. It’s an off the beaten path local spot with a lot of character and history.

Among other things, it claims to be the birthplace of the Internet, as researchers from SRI apparently made the first transmission using internet protocol technology in the 1970s from one of the picnic tables outside. Cool huh?

It is a very casual food and biergarten spot, with lots of outdoor seating and with outdoor space for kids to run around.


It was quite a hilly ride up the mountain to get to this place, the two-way road was a little narrow and so you can imagine how much focus ee fann needs to get us there safe and sound. However, the moment you step right through the restaurant into the open area, the relaxed atmosphere calms your nerves again.

(It was a little too noisy for ern’s liking so we quickly made our way to the “picnic tables” in the open area)



The following pictures were taken when ern was playing with friends, allowing them to checkout her new binoculars. After which she started collecting things like stones, feathers etc and then I gave her a discarded carton box for her to contain her stuff which drew a few more children to join her in her “discovery play”.






There is something magical about sand and this went on for the rest of the evening. (She also has been ROLLING in the sand at our shared playground) A very kind old man came up to me and said “this, (pointing at ern) THIS is good. (Smiling) these days children are exposed to too much electronic devices, Xbox and what have you. But THIS is good for the soul.”

Though I totally agree with what he said….


I thank god for technology – washing machine!!! Hahahaha!!

And here’s a pic of daddies with babies. He is one of ef’s study group mate. His baby is 7 months old. Cute!


Have a good week everyone!


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