It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s palo alto duck pond!

Ask any child and feeding animals like rabbits, horses, sheep, goats, cows, BIRDS etc will most likely excite them. With just less than 20 mins drive from where we stay, a chance to repurpose stale bread; it’s a must visit.

At first glance, Palo Alto duck pond doesn’t look very impressive, with its scruffy looking appearance and less than fragrant aura but look it through a child’s eye and you will see that it’s a quiet setting with its sparkling water, full of activities going on as the seagulls swoop in for a feed, the aggressive goose (only one) fending its food, the ducks moving expertly in the water searching for food.

Breathe easy I told myself as I take a breath of old fashioned “fresh air”. Taking it all in, we saw planes after planes coming in for a land. Palo Alto duck pond is right next to the palo Alto airport so we got really good view of the small planes. This place was initially build as a swimming pool fortunately however due to siltation issues it was eventually turned into a duck pond.

It isn’t the migrating season yet so we didn’t get to see the migrating birds. That didn’t bother ern at all of course.


Here’s a short video of ern feeding the birds:

The gulls are really fast. They flap their wings and eat the feed even before the food can touch the water. The poor ducks can only wait patiently. I came up with a few ideas with ern to feed the ducks. So I will throw out a piece of bread to lure the gulls away and when I’m doing that, ern will throw the bread at to the ducks! It worked really well and ern chuckled at the silly gulls. she also tried to pretend to throw out a piece of bread and then quickly released it to the ducks and that requires a lot of speedy movement so after a while she just fed them altogether.

A place we will visit again for sure.

The Baylands and the Duck Pond
2775 Embarcadro Road, Palo Alto, California 94301 | 650-329-2506


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