Back to school

Just a quick update on Rou Ern.

She started her 2.5 hours thrice weekly mandarin enrichment class yesterday and it seems to me that she is loving it. When I picked her up, she looked so happy and told me “mummy I had a great day today.” Teachers said she did fantastic in school, ate her snack and did everything by herself. When we reached home she proudly showed this to me:

happy cookie

happy cookie

A week prior to school term we attended an ice cream social organized by the school. It was to familiarize and get us acquainted with the respective teachers. Rou Ern didn’t care much about the school and the teachers as her main objective that day was to get her ice cream. Somehow it became “popsicle social” instead because of allergy issues but she Rou Ern wasn’t bothered. Something sweet and cold in the hot summer sounds like a plan to her.

popsicle time!

popsicle time!

Rou Ern will be attending another school come September! That will be really exciting. It’s an outdoor school which is every Tuesday and Thursday for 3 hours. Basically just drop her off at her “school” and they will take the school van and go for field trips! I must say we were really lucky to get a place for her as the communication via MANY emails started in April, with the waitlist and so on… finally we managed to get a space and it fits nicely into her school schedule. How lucky!

That’s it for now!


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