Zi Ern at 15 months

Zi Ern is now 15 months, very cheeky now and getting more and more assertive. She is known to the people who got to know or acquainted with her as “a very happy baby” mostly because she is so smiley and she laughs at her own silliness too; which tickles me all the time. She is also surprisingly okay with most people that carries her. She doesn’t fuss much unless she is sleepy or hungry.

image (2)

She is talking so much. Mostly baby talk but she surely understands more than I think she does! I think being a second time mum, I would like to think that I am more “experienced” and I do make an effort to speak to her more. She understands simple requests like “please drink some water.” (she will then reach for her water bottle that’s on the table) “We are going now, go get your shoes.” (and she will walk to the shoe rack and fiddle with the shoes) “mummy is going to change your diaper now.” (and she ignores and walks away.HA!) Her favourite activities when we are out are looking for aeroplanes when she hears them and she points and goes “ba ba!”, birds “beh!”, dogs “ba!” and cats “ka!”

image (1)

As for her appetite… despite her cute chubby self, she does not eat much. She is still pretty much on breast milk more than solids. She skips breakfast and eats very little for lunch and takes her dinner and I’m okay with that. Despite her not eating much I still enjoy taking her out for meals with me as she is quite well behaved. Except for the times she starts throwing food on the floor, testing the law of gravity, and banging her utensils on the table. Otherwise she sits with us, play with the crayons provided by the restaurants (most of the restaurants here have these crayon supplies to keep the little ones occupied.) The only thing about taking her out is timing. I do avoid taking her out when it’s nearing her nap time as all mothers would know, it’s best to be avoided.

image (3)

When she is at home with me, we read books together. She favors books that has animal pictures. This one is also going to be an animal lover. Maybe curiosity got the better of her; she has no fear with animals much bigger than her like cows, goats, sheep. She tried to touch them at the zoo or at the farm when we visit. She chases after the geese with her cute charlie Chaplin walking style which is ultra cute but I got to hold her tight as she is going to charge right into the water together with the geese!


The picture above shows her putting the handkerchief in her mouth and thereafter chuckling to herself. I find it so funny that I laugh along with her. She is at the stage where she loves to imitate what we do (No, i do not put handkerchief in my mouth!) for instance, she uses the kitchen towel to wipe the table and floor, pretends to read a book (babbling to herself while leafing through the pages), she too, insist on having a spoon or a fork during her meals. She will point at the utensils and ‘demand for it’ in her ultra cute baby talk till I pass it to her. She sings into the microphone and dance. Oh this girl LOVES to sing. She will sing together with me and she tries to follow my pitch. Its super adorable.

As for walking, she only really started walking recently! When she first started learning how to walk, with me holding both her hands up, she loves to walk on anything but proper paths. Like grass, sand, gravel road, water puddles, dried leaves – she loves stepping on them and hear them crackle. I let her and I take my time with her, reminding myself that THIS is life.

Till the next update!


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