Zi Ern at 15 months

Zi Ern is now 15 months, very cheeky now and getting more and more assertive. She is known to the people who got to know or acquainted with her as “a very happy baby” mostly because she is so smiley and she laughs at her own silliness too; which tickles me all the time. She is also surprisingly okay with most people that carries her. She doesn’t fuss much unless she is sleepy or hungry.

image (2)

She is talking so much. Mostly baby talk but she surely understands more than I think she does! I think being a second time mum, I would like to think that I am more “experienced” and I do make an effort to speak to her more. She understands simple requests like “please drink some water.” (she will then reach for her water bottle that’s on the table) “We are going now, go get your shoes.” (and she will walk to the shoe rack and fiddle with the shoes) “mummy is going to change your diaper now.” (and she ignores and walks away.HA!) Her favourite activities when we are out are looking for aeroplanes when she hears them and she points and goes “ba ba!”, birds “beh!”, dogs “ba!” and cats “ka!”

image (1)

As for her appetite… despite her cute chubby self, she does not eat much. She is still pretty much on breast milk more than solids. She skips breakfast and eats very little for lunch and takes her dinner and I’m okay with that. Despite her not eating much I still enjoy taking her out for meals with me as she is quite well behaved. Except for the times she starts throwing food on the floor, testing the law of gravity, and banging her utensils on the table. Otherwise she sits with us, play with the crayons provided by the restaurants (most of the restaurants here have these crayon supplies to keep the little ones occupied.) The only thing about taking her out is timing. I do avoid taking her out when it’s nearing her nap time as all mothers would know, it’s best to be avoided.

image (3)

When she is at home with me, we read books together. She favors books that has animal pictures. This one is also going to be an animal lover. Maybe curiosity got the better of her; she has no fear with animals much bigger than her like cows, goats, sheep. She tried to touch them at the zoo or at the farm when we visit. She chases after the geese with her cute charlie Chaplin walking style which is ultra cute but I got to hold her tight as she is going to charge right into the water together with the geese!


The picture above shows her putting the handkerchief in her mouth and thereafter chuckling to herself. I find it so funny that I laugh along with her. She is at the stage where she loves to imitate what we do (No, i do not put handkerchief in my mouth!) for instance, she uses the kitchen towel to wipe the table and floor, pretends to read a book (babbling to herself while leafing through the pages), she too, insist on having a spoon or a fork during her meals. She will point at the utensils and ‘demand for it’ in her ultra cute baby talk till I pass it to her. She sings into the microphone and dance. Oh this girl LOVES to sing. She will sing together with me and she tries to follow my pitch. Its super adorable.

As for walking, she only really started walking recently! When she first started learning how to walk, with me holding both her hands up, she loves to walk on anything but proper paths. Like grass, sand, gravel road, water puddles, dried leaves – she loves stepping on them and hear them crackle. I let her and I take my time with her, reminding myself that THIS is life.

Till the next update!


Back to school

Just a quick update on Rou Ern.

She started her 2.5 hours thrice weekly mandarin enrichment class yesterday and it seems to me that she is loving it. When I picked her up, she looked so happy and told me “mummy I had a great day today.” Teachers said she did fantastic in school, ate her snack and did everything by herself. When we reached home she proudly showed this to me:

happy cookie

happy cookie

A week prior to school term we attended an ice cream social organized by the school. It was to familiarize and get us acquainted with the respective teachers. Rou Ern didn’t care much about the school and the teachers as her main objective that day was to get her ice cream. Somehow it became “popsicle social” instead because of allergy issues but she Rou Ern wasn’t bothered. Something sweet and cold in the hot summer sounds like a plan to her.

popsicle time!

popsicle time!

Rou Ern will be attending another school come September! That will be really exciting. It’s an outdoor school which is every Tuesday and Thursday for 3 hours. Basically just drop her off at her “school” and they will take the school van and go for field trips! I must say we were really lucky to get a place for her as the communication via MANY emails started in April, with the waitlist and so on… finally we managed to get a space and it fits nicely into her school schedule. How lucky!

That’s it for now!


She is O.N.E

Time flies when u have a kid. Time flies even faster when you have two. Where did that 12 months went?! Think it sneaked by when I was busy changing one of her many diapers? Or maybe it went by when I was kissing her face, nose and feet? Or perhaps it escaped when we were playing peekaboos? Hmmm… It may have left without notice when we were singing songs? But one thing is for sure, I am loving her more and more everyday.

How should we celebrate this awesome baby’s one year old? We did it the quiet way. Just the way we like. A simple dinner.



On a seperate occasion, We also celebrated my mum’s birthday together with Zi Ern’s since their birthdays are just a day away. I know… Lots of people don’t like sharing birthdays but definitely not the grandmas.



Thank you for the 12 wonderful months you gave all of us and many more to come. Though we can’t promise you life to be a bed of roses but if ever life runs you down, just look over your shoulders and we will always always be there.

Happy birthday my dear Zi Ern, we love you ALWAYS.


Play date – bear workshop

It’s not easy (logistically) to plan a play date when it involves 4 families and we did it finally!

It is ern’s first bear workshop and I thought she will enjoy the process but as it turns out, she just wants to get it done and over with and join her friends in whatever games that they were playing. But who can blame her? They haven’t met for months!

(Stuffing the dog she chose)

We had ours stuffed real hard as Ee fann planned to put it on skates for ern’s dog. We can go back to stuff it again anytime we want as there’s a lifetime warranty. Cool huh?

(Giving it a heart. How cute is that?)

There’s a ritual to it. “Rub it against your cheek so it will too have rosy cheeks” “rub it against your eyes so it will too have big beautiful eyes” etc… At this point ern is way too distracted. So distracted that she skipped the bathing of the dog and went to chase her friends. But she did pick an outfit for her dog. Princess belle. ; )

After dinner the children went for a train ride!

(Waiting in the queue)

(They took the last train ride)

It’s not the children’s first train ride independently by themselves. They had taken train rides in Lego land (Malaysia) and fire engine (Kidzania – Kuala Lumpur) but its the first time they were completely out of our line of vision. The train ride lasted about 10 minutes and it went around vivo city. While waiting, the adults chilled at Starbucks.

They resumed their play immediately after the ride.

(Walking the dog)

(Checking if the dog is alright after the walk)


Ern and Victoria basically stuck together throughout the gathering. They even accompanied each other into the cubicle and has endless things to say. Even when answering nature’s call.

(That’s the best shot I can get)

As usual when it’s time to part ern can never bear to leave her friends… Till the next meet up! Soon!!!


Home learning – rainforest

Her school is currently doing a unit study on rainforest so before we did anything for our extended learning at home, a visit to the library is a must.

Borrowed a couple of fiction and non fiction books related to the rainforest of course. Started reading them and as soon as we are “ready”, we proceeded to the super market, picked up 2 discarded boxes, walked around the nearby garden, picked up broken branches and went on to purchase some safari toobs and started on it right away. We took a couple of days to complete it and had lots of fun setting it up.

Ern did most of the paint job, and we talked about different animals living in the different stratas, what they eat, how they move and also about how the rainforest feel (damp, dense and dark) and looked like but I suppose it won’t suffice without a walk through the rainforest. (We should be doing that real soon) she is especially thrilled when we added the butterflies towards the later stage.

As I wanted to raise my children to be more environmentally aware, we talked about the importance of the rainforest, the habitat of the animals, how we can save the rainforest etc.. However I don’t think I want to talk about deforestation yet. It’s much too heavy for her to bear on her little shoulders. Not for now.

So here it is:





Canopy and emergent


So what do you think?

*edited 22nd may*

We also did “fruit satay” (that was done few days before she was admitted to hospital) an idea we got from her school. Using fruits that can be found in the rainforest. (Dragon fruit, guava, mango and banana) Working those fine motor skills there..



As for ZE, she is enjoying the “fruits of the labour”.


So where is the rainforest diorama?

Ern took it to school and did an impromptu show and tell. Now it is still in school on display ; )


Dengue scare

Last week the fever started and few days later it got quite bad. Her fever could reach 40 degrees easily and kept coming back. Then she complained of bad tummy ache and subsequently her watery stool (due to antibiotic) turned dark green in colour. It didn’t help that there were more than 10 mossie bites on her body.

So we (I) decided to admit her on Saturday night. Took blood test etc and thank god dengue result was negative. It was a kind of bacteria infection. In fact before admission she has been to 3 doctors. The last PD pretty much nailed the problem. We took X ray there and Dr Ngiam (gleneagles) added in another antibiotic to her current one and told us that if her fever does not subside in the next 48 hours, admission would be necessary. But I just couldn’t wait for the full 48 hours as RE isn’t showing much symptoms of recovery so we admitted her 12 hours short of the full 48 hours. I made that decision because her fever is still scary high (39 to 40) and I needed to be sure it isn’t other complications. Basically just wanted to be in safe hands.

After admission, they managed to break the fever and her condition stabilized since. I suppose during the night of admission she was already at the peak of the illness and on the road to recovery. But still – better to err on the side of caution. As I’m writing now, they just collected her urine for testing. (Just to rule out UTI) They also tested her stools – something which wasn’t possible before because she was still on diapers then.

One of her most loved friend came to visit. I wasn’t there when her friend (Ryan) came as I had to make my way home to feed ZE milk (she refuses the bottle.. What’s new?) when I came back, I saw this:


Sweet right…

We are hoping to be discharged tomorrow!

*edited 21st May*

We are now back at home!
Look what surprise were installed for Rou Ern this afternoon when we were still in the hospital:






Leona, Alicia, thanks for the love ; )